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Uh-ho, they’re here again, batten down the

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hatches… looks like a whole new circus is in town and they’re ready to break the backs of tired old elephants and toss out the tear stained clowns. By this I mean, a new real estate epidemic is shaking the east village and with that the old guard are being subtly convinced that it might be easier to live in Idaho. Apparently a famous uptown real estate family are buying up east fourth street and have spent 29 million for a few buildings on east ninth. What this means for the tenants who have endured years of no heat, no water, and frontier like conditions for the priviledge of staying in their downtown, close to the heart center of a certain kind of NYU art/intelligentsia is more of the same, but worse. As the epidemics come in to turn tub in the kitchen cozies into AKEA brothels, they are made to endure contracting cnditions that would drive many people to Bellevue. From rude workers who are probably nervous about the INS themselves, to dust typhoons and bangings of heavy equipment against delicate wall structure, life has become a kind of hell on earth usually reserved for soldiers suffering flashbacks.

When the ceiling starts to crack and leaking from rusty pipes drips on your coverlet, you begin to wonder what karma you’ve earned to be paying for this fun. One tenant hit it perfectly… “the management is inept and without conscience.”

Money has become an uglier concept than even racism, because you know what that is. Money, the great seducer, has charmingly shape-shifted into crummy old apartments in a hot area, and everyone wants a piece. And screw the rest of us.

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February 26, 2013 at 5:28 pm

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