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First it was Times Square… as you can see by the photos, lots of theatrical energy. Occupy Times Square.  The demonstrators wore white and perfomred on stilts, played drums and spread the word. I zipped out early cause i heard the next stop was back to Washington Square Park. The air was chilly but the crowd was hot. When the vote was taken for staying the nite, there didn’t seem to be enough hands raised to push it, so we drifted to the outer rims where stunning horses waited, topped by stern looking police. Looking in on the scene was straight out of the movie Hair.. no hippies, but the same virile cops on even more virile   ponies.  What might happen? If the few remaining in the park refuse to move, they will be moved. A frantic woman told me that a horse fell earlier in Times Square and that tomorrow the Peta people would be there. Lots of agendas… someone yelled to the men in blue that their pensions were on the line as well… of course,  they’re probably on the right side, if they thought of it, but as they say : they’re doing their job”, which doesnt include hitting demonstrators, no matter what.

This is strong action. But funny how only 3 blx away in the East Village, skyscaper heeled women and their very important dates are thinking  only about the next long drink… might as well be from a different planet from the Occupy Washington Square Park folk.  Going to sleep and hoping no one was hurt.

Written by nancykoan

October 16, 2011 at 5:25 am

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