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For some strange reason I saw a screening of Get The Gringo, Gibson’s new film, shot in Mexico, about a strange jail which functions like a small village. I thought it had said Get the Dingo, and was a nature film, narrated by Gibson.  But alas it was standard cartoon violence fare, with a Gibson, though more tattered, still cinematically charming. Lots of blood, bombs and boobs… with a few clever moments, like Gibson’s impersonation of Clint Eastwood. The film, if a little better, could have used the opportunity to say something real about drug cartels and the horrible treatment of women in Juarez and other parts of drug-controlled, machismo Mexico.  But this has its audience and maybe they will make a connect.


After the film, a host in Austin, Texas, a red haired flame of a guy, interviewed the kid actor, Kevin Hernandez and Gibson and his writer and director, both of whom are clearly Mexican Jews. Grunberg, the director has worked with him as an AD on many films, and this is his first directorial debut.

The host fielded online questions about the film from watchers all over the country. I texted in a question about the Jewish Question… to his credit, the host, didn’t ask my question directly, but pointed to the huge Star of David around Mr. Grunberg’s throat and asked if there wre any problems with him and the writer being Jews. They all gave a shit-eatin’ grin and shook their heads like, “What ..who you kiddin’?” And then quickly onto the next question.


I can’t figure out if Gibson is truly a madman with more faces than he can remember or simply a victim of his racist childhood mixed in with a little anger management issue.


As a fellow Taurus, I would like to offer him the chance to spend a week in contemplation with me, working on his inner heart, which must be brave somewhere in that still sturdy chest. Perhaps we can nail the Maccabee problem. I could use a writer’s credit.


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April 21, 2012 at 5:54 pm

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