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Get The Lead Out…Death by China, new film

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Nancy Cohen

Death by China, directed by Peter Navarro explores the rotten situation that exists because of the deals struck by multinational corporations and the Chinese government, deals which have destroyed American manufacturing.  With the kind of short-sightedness that would embarrass the Native American Nations, lobbyists, CEO’s and even Clinton have sold the US down the river, leaving entire communities destroyed. Not only have jobs been lost, but intellectual property—so much of our know how is now exported; China will soon have no need to import anything from us, putting us further into debt with them.

The film explores the problem from many angles including the lack of regulation in China which leads to toxic Heparin, leaded toys, and even polluted shrimp. This not what a country should expect from its trading partners.

Our reliance on cheap goods has made us blind to some of the Chinese’s most horrific human right abuses… like the incarceration and murder of the Falun Gong for their organs to the unregulated conditions of the basic Chinese worker? This film narrated by Martin Sheen is riveting, informative and fair, with experts speaking from both sides of the political fence

Written by nancykoan

August 24, 2012 at 5:42 am

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