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Ok, I haven’t read the book, don’t know him personally or barely medially, but Sixty Minute’s interview with ex- Goldman Sachser Greg Smith, was just too swift to soak in the real story. Ok, couched between Medical Marijuana and ET-maker, Spielberg, it hardly stood a chance to get sexy attention.. After segment one, I was too busy thinking of whether I should move to Denver and open up a med headshop to really capture Smith’s story… but being someone who ridiculously took it upon herself to try and figure out the Abacus villains by way of a little laptop (  I thought I should hear the ideas of this maverick who quit the money tree on his own volition.  He was asked whether he quit when he didn’t get a it’s impossible to do something for purely edthical reasons, especially when you’ve chosen the financial world for 12 years as your home base. Good question… but fair? Aren’t whistle blowers usually people who are somewhere for a long time and then hear or discover a fact that sends them reeling into new consciousness? Can’t that have been the case with Smith? The excuse that a Goldman Sachs’er gave for muppetizing their clients was weak and because the banks have had so much to do with the financial stress of this country, it would have behooved them to ask longer, deeper, questions…I understand finance so little that I can barely write an intelligent blog, but I’d like to know if others felt the same way… did Greg Smith actually get to tell his truth in his book or was the power  of the company too great? We may never know.

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October 22, 2012 at 1:02 am

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