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Dear Mr. Banksy,
If you are looking for available canvas for your delightful images that;comment on modern life, what better spot to paint than above my eyes. My forehead I assure you is quite wide and spacious with only a modicum of wrinkle to  affect the brush stroke. I walk around all over and go on public transportation, so that a wide viewership is possible. I’m also ready to take a trip if you would like a bi-national tour of my head and promise not to wear hats with visors in even the hottest climes.

Be assured that if someone wants to take my head so that they can own your work, I will put up a very big fight. Since I believe scalping has been outlawed, you should feel confident that your art will stay right where you put it …on my forehead.

If because of the glare of attention, I develop a pimple above my eyebrows, I will make myself available for you to re touch if you feel the aesthetics have been jeopardized by Mother Nature’s participation.  And it goes without saying, that I will cut my bangs.

Please let me know your thoughts. My butt cheek was painted for my film on old Malcolm McLaren so you can see that I’m serious when I make this offer. I live to serve art.

Your public servant,

Nancy Cohen=koan

ps. my little dog has also volunteered though her forehead is much smaller and quite fuzzy

Written by nancykoan

April 16, 2014 at 2:27 pm

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