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Me in Hollywood… Move Over Angela!

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At last!! My first big interview in Hollywood since interviewing for an usher job at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.
Reba Merrill is a hot tootsie whose age mystifies… she asked good questions and created a wonderfully friendly environment with the help of Curmudgeon Wine…not bad for 1:30 PM. Her co-host, Bob Oberman is very sweet and though I rue not having put on real make up, and of course, like many things I’m in, will refuse to watch until my critical response has softened, believe it all came off well.
I got to blab on about , our film on the John Lennon phenomenon and accept praise from Ms. Merrill for all sorts of things I didn’t realize I was.
The co-interviewee, a very successful writer and show runner, Ira Steven Behr, was actually very interesting…a lot of peeps in LA like reciting their track record, but Ira is a smart Bronx boy with a real philosophy behind his story telling and very, very funny. Plus, he sports a BLUE bear…LET’S PRAY FOR HIS WIFE!!

Reba gave me a copy of her book, Nearly Famous: Tales from the Hollywood Trenches, which I will devour as soon as I finish the Joan Rivers’ Diaries.

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August 12, 2015 at 8:04 pm

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