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Cinderella Stepping Up

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If all fairytales were like this version of Cinderella, our childhoods would be much less traumatic. Based on the baroque tale by Charles Perrault, this amazing production by Company XIV, known for Nutcracker Rouge, fuses dance, opera, burlesque and vaudeville in a dream evening that oozes with pleasure for eye and ear.

CINDERphoto by Nancy Cohen
The stage appears as if a French courtesan had recently dipped her puff into her powder, pink dust lighting, floating, flattering and cajoling.

We are slowly introduced into a world of beautiful bodies, elegantly costumed to perfection, muscled buttocks leading the parade, transcending gender difference as they slither, catapult, prance and entwine around each other. Sometimes they’re on the floor; at other moments in the air on a circus ring.. Of course, it’s erotic, but there is so much humor in the singing and sensual play that you re-remember something about the body, long lost in a Puritanical over sexualized society. Here, there is acceptance, strength and vulnerability.

Cinderella, with its subtext of sexual jealousy and yearning is a perfect story to tell in this magical style. The evil stepmother is pure Grace Jones and vamps for all he’s worth. Artistic director Austin McCormick should get the genius award for his conception, choreography and direction of this adult dessert. That you can imbibe on champagne or other grown up drinks only makes the evening more perfect.

The cast for Cinderella includes Hilly Bodin, Katrina Cunningham, Lea Helle, Jakob Karr, Nicholas Katen, Malik Kitchen, Mark Osmundsen, Davon Rainey, Marcy Richardson, Steven Trumon Gray, Allison Ulrich and Brett Umlauf.
Shows take place at the Minetta Lane Theatre, located at 18 Minetta Lane between MacDougal Street and 6th Avenue in New York City.
Performances are Tuesdays – Saturdays at 8pm, and Sundays at 5pm. The shows
contain partial nudity – 16 & over admitted.

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September 30, 2015 at 2:42 am

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