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April is national poetry month

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Oye, is she Jewish, they all asked in a mob,
secretly sizing her nose as a job.

No, said Yonkel, she’s much too faire,
I’m sure she’s a shiksa,.I swear, I swear..

Still, for Kabballah, she fought and fought.,
Zoom calls with Moses from her kosher yacht.

Her Talmudic humor, not lost on her fans,
with opinions on everything, just like a man..

As the mom of Jesus, she commits no sin,
Still as a Jew, there’s no room at the inn.

Restricted hotels never made her pout,
She buys the ones that throw her out.

Does that make her Jewish, this Babylonian whore,
One more test and, we’ll know for sure.

Madonna, Madonna, me thinks you’re a fake.
Look at your arms, my heart it doth break.

No real Yenta has muscles so taut,
Their arms drip and dangle, not a little, a lot.

The furious rolling of rugelach and challah,
Arms loose and flappy, like dancing the hora.

So sorry Ms.Mad, you ain’t the real deal.
Till you guilt trip your kids, and make a Passover meal.

Written by nancykoan

April 30, 2021 at 12:50 am

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