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Barney’s blasted for playing with form…come on now!

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As a petite woman who dreams of having legs that go up to my eyeballs next life time, I understand how the average female hates to be pitted against the likes of a Kate Moss… but the reaction that Barney‘s new Disney window display is provoking is absurd… the positive body image action group strikes me, excuse the reference to a competitor.. as.looney tunes. The conceit of taking classic figures like Mickey and Daisy Duck and putting them in designer fashion is just that… a whimsical conceit meant to curl the lips upward, not into the scowl it seems to be making in the plus size modelling industry. These are cartoon characters… of course, designer fashion looks special on a Zoe Saldana body, but the point of the window is just to take …oops, now a British reference, the mickey out on the whole thing… fashion and cartoon icons..stretched literally to ridiculous lengths… fashion is fun and absurd at the same time… designers can be absurdly serious…how hard it must have been to get their permission to dress cartoon characters in the first place…Did these people never see Fantasia, where forms are mutated like an acid trip. It’s all for art.

I have a Minnie Mouse doll and I’m going to dress her in Zak Posen… I’m sure she’ll look lovely at 8 inches high..the shoes give her another half an inch! Frankly, her womanly hips would work beautifully in a vintage Chanel I  was saving for SnowWhite.

Come on guys..we got through the last debate… it’s a holiday window, not health care …ooops, I know, young girls are going to diet excessively to look like one of these stretched out characters… really? I don’t think so.

Written by nancykoan

October 23, 2012 at 8:21 pm

Like an O-Henry Story, the Gift

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While the rest of you are  wrapping kindles and flat screens, I have accepted that the only gifts to come my way this holiday season may befrom secret santa parties, and give very little personal satisfaction. So it was in the spirit of self-giving that I decided to present myself this week.What joy it was when my toilet refused to flush properly this Thursday. A crap situation which gave me a real reason to be generous. My over-priced tenement has yet to offer the amenities of a pro-active super, so I am usually left with the awful task of plunging and snaking. These plumbing tools of the trade are rather difficult to use and require dexterity and strength or a boyfriend…three items I seem to be living without.


Since I only have one bathroom, I was forced to visit the upscale hardware store and told them of  my dilemma. Of course, I could have settled on one of  the standard rubber bell plungers, but they always turn inside out and I’m too weak to master them. The clerk showed me a new gadget that “even his grandmother can use.” It’s a sea blue plastic that sits on the toilet rim and apparently all that is needed is to put the lid down. The air pressure does the rest. It looked actually complicated but it was the twenty-two dollar price tag ….I asked for something cheaper and there it stood. My new best friend.


No lovers need apply. This black multi-layered rubber thing sang out to me. I knew it would be easy to use…it looked like an accordian on a stick and at $12 I lept.

Once home, I put my little friendt over the toilet bowl and pushed.  And pushed. And then, boom, the water went down and I was ready for a weekend without BTS (blocked toilet syndrome). What a Chanukah revelation. It’s the simple things after all.




Written by nancykoan

December 19, 2011 at 5:10 am