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As a writer who refuses to give too much away, I will only say that Skyfall should be seen in the same theater as I saw it tonite… a huge 42nd street screen, large enough to encompass aa barrage of action, stunts and scenery…enough to satisfy even the most cynical viewer. With Roger Deakins on camera, the visuals almost feel 3D; I found myself  ducking and tilting at the oncoming cars and cycles. The beginning credit art is sensational and dreamy, a nice counter point to the opening action scene. Daniel Craig is taut, and in better shape than any previous Bond. Javier Bardem has already proved his excellence in weird villainry in No Country For Old Men and does so again in this film, with the help of a blonde mop and piano teeth. A lot of the film is Judi Dench as M, a character that usually only gets a sidebar, but here is a real part of the central theme. Psychological issues are drawn – the abandoning mother, the orphan with a professional deathwish and the businesswoman who marries a poet. But mostly it’s fun… more corny than dry, though just enough humor to reduce the effect of the violence.  There are no swarthy evil guys but there is an understanding that evil is different now and that terrorism is cyber thanks to Ben Whishaw’s Q, though mostly guys end up shooting at each other.

As for tradition, 007 gets his martini, bu the  doesn’t criticize the barwoman for shaking not stirring. Is he softening? That ‘s what it seems like when he doesn’t pass his talent tests, but his real vulnerability only comes later with M.  Though Albert Finney is gorgeous with a big beard, he seemed to have left his Scottish brogue back in London…still it’s nice to be in the Highlands and find out that James Bond actually had a childhood. Adele sings her heart out in the new theme written with Paul Epworth and I still get a thrill when Monty Norman’s original tune peeks in and out through the film.

All in all, what Danny Boyle did for the Olympics, Sam Mendes has done for Bond. Long live Brittania!

Written by nancykoan

November 6, 2012 at 5:18 am