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Pussy Power

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The Ace Hotel was the site for dedicated readings from the gals of Pussy Riot… Karen Finley looked radiant and it was wonderful to hear her passionate voice used to herald the thoughts of these Russian Minx(s). Chloe Sevigny and others spoke out too.

One can forgive the older ladies of the Russian church who have lived through so much despotic change and cling to the safety they  feel inside church walls.  One can forgive the jailors who like slaves everywhere, are doing their job…and perhaps only occasionally identify with the power structure; but may more often than not, just wishing they were sailing. But what we cannot forgive is the brain chip that resides so comfortably in the heads of the politicians and money changers who want to maintain their positions of authority and power …no matter what the cost.  We cannot forgive their short sightedness, their innate appetite for everything material, and their complete amnesia towards their entry to this world…through the feminine.

The feminine continues to be exploited, abused and abased by global patriarchy…and it must stop now. Men and women who have hearts burdened by this knowledge must release their quiet compassions in a flood that will drwon the hardness of these oligarchs with gentle yet powerful waves of change.

The Virgin Mary knows which side of the rope she would stand… any woman who has been living in a world run by hooligans knows.

Hopefully, the gals were smart enough to know this will be the beginning and not the end.. they may become famous..good, more importantly, the power has been challenged. Like the trials in Chicago, this will be remembered …we are all listening.

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August 18, 2012 at 4:07 pm

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