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Amy Winehouse, another Shelf Life victim

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Poor terrific singer Amy. Is it a drug tolerant UK that could be blamed? I’m all for taking what you want into your body, it’s yours, but me thinks that the UK has idealized rapacious drug taking by its talented to the point of it being perhaps too cool. Pete Wolf, an old acquaintance, and a very sweet man, deep inside, has been on and off drugs for a long time, and now sadly is spending prison time for his influence on a Goldsmith gal who died while doing crack under his watch.

What are the answers to the artist/consciousness change/dilemma? Perhaps Andrew Tatarsky, a NY shrink who specializes in Harm Reduction Therapy has some answers…this form of therapy doesn’t require the patient to totally forgo their favorite drug, but to take it slowly and perhaps with the hope that with good talking therapy, be able to withdraw completely. it’s different from AA and may suit certain personalities better.

Last Fall, David Ogrin and I wrote a short musical that was performed at Theatre for the New City, Shelf Life — A Lady Gaga Morality Tale. The premise is that rock stars may need to die by their 27th birthday to remain as famous as they are at their height. It was done as a humorous piece about the idea of fame, but every good astrologer knows that 28/29 is the age of the Saturn Return, when the planet saturn does its first life revollution. If you can make it to that point, you’re in good shape for another 28 years,,,poor Amy.. but she will always be remembered as she was at 27. Who knows what’s the best way to live…

Lady Gaga video:

Written by nancykoan

July 24, 2011 at 4:08 pm