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please, america, don’t get more trashy

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We are living in a most amazing time… secrets are being revealed,as the sky is opening to pour light on the darkest corners.. News of the World hacking…ugly, yes…different from the Patriot Act which allowed phone tapping, sure…but where is the line drawn?  To catch a thief, a potential moral creep…who decides? But to do it just for sport and to sell issues…yech, all our hands are dirty. Didn’t people love reading that adorable Hugh Grant was caught with his pants down in a transexual tryst..oh what fun. But when it happens to you or Hugh in this case… I don’t even know if it was News Of The World..but enough is enough. Art holds up a mirror t the world…we are all lovely, scummpy, sometimes cruel, often charming, mess of psyche… why do we have to have our tales trotted out like damaged produce. The only thing that can mend our ragged hems is to recognize ourselves in every stupid and cruel moment that occurs. And then be vigilent to make the corrections.  And do the job. The people who never went into Jaycee Dugard’s back yard were probably lazy, underpaid or maybe overwhelmed with their own problems…but sixty times? That’s a lot of missed opportunities.

And now a Zappo campaign is ready to sell designer clothes with naked models running around on motorcycles… doesn’t  anyone see the connect… provocation leading to endangering the young. And for what end? Not to better understand the beauty of the body, the conflicts in desire, etc. make money.. just to make money.

I was sent a lovely video today of a bunch of people freeing a whale from plastic netting.  They felt great after…the whale responded in kind by giving them a personal water ballet..made me want to slip the netting off my own inhibitions …

Michele Bachmann.. I like the pretzels, and you know the shape  was made by monks…something to do with prayer.. so if you have anything to do with pretzels, keep them coming, but please, running a clinic to dissuade homosexuality throug prayer… come on. You should have just served beer and chips. I’m not making any sense, but either is the world today.



Written by nancykoan

July 12, 2011 at 1:39 am