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Eulogy to Don Draper

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I will stuff myself with protein bars and carob shavings until I can swallow the truth.

Tequila may help it go down but nothing will dull the edge

Perhaps a walk in the forest, but who am I kidding… Forest Hills is not the woods.

Embarrassed, realizing the pain isn’t worthy of real Pen writers, I will nonetheless cry in the dark when the last episode reaches my heart.

I have been tricked, seduced and won over by his masters; how did they know me so well?

A latecomer to the party, I made up for lost time, ignoring all others, reserving my time for HIM.

It’s almost over now and I predict my grief.

But his seat in my house will remain empty, until, like Elijah, or another wishful guest, he returns, claiming the night as his own.

Written by nancykoan

May 6, 2015 at 4:44 am

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