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Please Stay Out of My Vagina Government, Unless…

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cute-shepherdess-lamb-sit-green-grass-isolated-white-background-46094406 (1)You are planning to buy me dinner with Non-GMO organic fairly grown, kindly raised food under a non-chemical trailed sky for the rest of my life.

You will send me fresh flowers that are grown in humanistic and fair farms and nurseries where there is decent pay and benefits and no harmful sprays and sexual terror for the female and children who are working there.

You agree that I am beautiful whether I’ve gained 30 pounds or 60 and have no need to trade me down for a younger version of my former self which wouldn’t match your present self in the least.

You do not buy the charms of pre-pubescents who are forced into flirting with you because they need to put food in their belly, pay for their children, or pay for the medicine that they may be addicted to until they can be treated in a humane situation which will help them break the chain. In other words: Don’t f–k kids.

You believe that all children have the right to life once they are born, which includes decent homes, moms who aren’t exhausted, time with parent figures that build self-esteem,  food that is nourishing, education that isn’t completely embarrassing and a belief in the promises of the Constitution.

You don’t stand in the way of me getting a raise in my hourly shepherdess rate which is actually something someone can live on.

I realize that as a future date you have a lot to accomplish…but aren’t I worth it?

Written by nancykoan

May 14, 2015 at 2:51 am

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