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Wild Winds of August NYC County

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So much flying in the air now.. rain, wind, rumors..almost hard to see the angels. Carole King’s stock went up six points on Tuesday.. I have her Earth Moves Song on my mobile…we were lucky as I thought it was terrorism. What can you expect when hundreds of people are yammering into their cell phones on lower broadway? I was relieved it was just pissed off Mother Nature doing her thing. I got a hug from the girl at the eco store..we both needed the grounding. Before anyone knew the the truth, I heard a woman on the subway repeat “Iaint waitin’ round this time, if they want me, they can find me at home. I just took the first train and I’m gone”
Yea one wants to relive the 9/11 mess…hopefully, they won’t turn it into a pageant of martyrdom and martydee. For my part, I think it’ll be Rocky Mountain High for me..for the big event..aren’t they gonna name a peak after John Denver? Or are they sculpting his face into the rock. Either way, my nervous system is completely gone. Sleep is a thing of the past. I still would like it everyone were just nice to each other…but then would mean waking up to another dream. You have to go to sleep first …
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It’s not over yet, wall street.

Written by nancykoan

August 25, 2011 at 9:47 pm