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Supercapitalist is out to Get You

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ImageIf you want to do really something, they say do it yourself. This is exactly what actor/writer Derek Ting accomplished in his film, $UPERCAPITALIST,  the first independent US-China co-production. This financial thriller stars the wonderful Linus Roache (Wings of Desire, Law and Order) and Kenneth Tsang of Rush Hour 2. Derek Ting plays the lead, an ambitious New Yorker of Chinese descent who finds out how truly naïve he is once ensconced in the evils of modern finance. As directed by MTV Simon Yin, Hong Kong looks like Las Vegas on crystal and though the film was written before the debacle of Wall Street, its selfish characters, predict the greed that is yet to come.

Mr. Ting,  who had worked mostly in IT before this debut had never made a film and was really a novice. But he discovered he loved acting at Cornell and wanted to tell a story he knew something about…and could act in. The dream dug in deep and it was his passion and excitement that brought Linus Roach to the project. Mr. Roach, too, is following his dream, by beginning the process of producing a flm he firmly believes in..the life story of Jesuit priest and innovator-philospher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Perhaps they saw the dreams in each other.


Ting then was able to go out and raise the money after his first commitment from Mr. Roach.  Ting insists he is really a ‘simple’ guy, but one who totally goes the mile to reach his vision.

Great choices in music and  as morality tales go, he tells a true one.

The film opens this August 10th in New York City and across North America..

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August 3, 2012 at 2:37 am

Wild Winds of August NYC County

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So much flying in the air now.. rain, wind, rumors..almost hard to see the angels. Carole King’s stock went up six points on Tuesday.. I have her Earth Moves Song on my mobile…we were lucky as I thought it was terrorism. What can you expect when hundreds of people are yammering into their cell phones on lower broadway? I was relieved it was just pissed off Mother Nature doing her thing. I got a hug from the girl at the eco store..we both needed the grounding. Before anyone knew the the truth, I heard a woman on the subway repeat “Iaint waitin’ round this time, if they want me, they can find me at home. I just took the first train and I’m gone”
Yea one wants to relive the 9/11 mess…hopefully, they won’t turn it into a pageant of martyrdom and martydee. For my part, I think it’ll be Rocky Mountain High for me..for the big event..aren’t they gonna name a peak after John Denver? Or are they sculpting his face into the rock. Either way, my nervous system is completely gone. Sleep is a thing of the past. I still would like it everyone were just nice to each other…but then would mean waking up to another dream. You have to go to sleep first …
Interesting youtube

It’s not over yet, wall street.

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August 25, 2011 at 9:47 pm